Content & Focus

Many site visitors will make their initial assessment of your program, center or research lab based solely on your website.

It is vital that your website:

  1. Clearly explains why your program is a great choice, how your unit can benefit the reader, what services you offer, etc.
  2. Presents the information in a professional manner to increase your credibility in their eyes, since the user might know nothing about you or KU
  3. Presents the information in a format that is easily understood and accessible

Home Page Design

The purpose of a home page is to:

  • Concisely explain what your program does
  • Create a good first impression of your program
  • Get people where they want to go as quickly and easily
  • Provide answers to your target audience's top questions
  • Illustrate your excellence and why you stand out

Audiences and Goals

The first step in creating engaging content is to identify your audience and your goals.

Defining your target audiences and their goals will help you:

  • Decide what content to include
  • Prioritize content to determine how prominently to display it

Make a list of your top three to five target audiences ordered by importance to your mission.


  1. Prospective students, their parents/guardians
  2. Current students
  3. Prospective and current faculty and staff
  4. Alumni
  5. Businesses who might want to partner with the department
  6. Legislators and other stakeholders
  7. The media and general public

Setting Audience Goals

For each audience, list the top three to seven reasons they are coming to your site.

The Information Architecture page explains how to use that data.


  1. Prospective students
    1. Do they offer my degree or program?
    2. Decide if I want to join this program – what will I learn? Is it too hard?
    3. Determine how highly ranked/respected the program is
    4. Can I afford it?
    5. What kind of job can I get? How much money will I make?
    6. Find admission requirements and course prerequisites
    7. Find deadlines and key dates
    8. Learn how and when to apply
    9. Find out what scholarships are available
    10. See what classes are offered and what the classes are like
    11. What is going to school at KU like?
    12. Will I fit in?
    13. Where will I live? What will I eat?
  2. Current students
    1. Get degree requirements
    2. Find what classes will/should I take?
    3. Find contact information
    4. Download forms
    5. Find building or lab hours
  3. Businesses who might want to partner with the department
    1. What research is the department doing that might help my business?
    2. Does the department have a good track record of working with businesses?
    3. Who do I contact to inquire about partnering?
  4. Current faculty and staff
    1. Download forms
    2. Direct students to certain course/degree information on the site
    3. Update their own biography page
  5. Alumni of the program
    1. Learn “how the program is doing” and “what they're up to.”
    2. See if there are any upcoming alumni events
    3. Find out how to donate to the program

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