User Management

CMS Users are people who have been given accounts on the website to add and edit content or administer the site.

NOTE: You must have Administrator rights to manage users

To manage users:

Click People in the black admin toolbar

To add a new user:

Click Add KU User or Add Non-KU User.

NOTE: ​KU Users are those with a KU Online ID. Non-KU Users are those without a KU Online ID.

User management


To add a KU User

Adding KU Users is a two step process. First you create the account, then you assign the person's rold.

      1. Click the Add KU User link, enter the KU Online ID in the KU Online ID field and click the Create new account(s) button

      2. Click on People again in the black admin toolbar.  Find the account in the list of users. Click edit next to the account name.

Edit people


      3. Click the checkbox next to the desired Role.

NOTE: If you need to prevent the user from logging in to the site you can Block the account.



      4. Click Save.

To add Non-KU Users:

Adding Non-KU Users is a one step process. All needed actions happen in the same form.

  1. Click the Add Non-KU user link
  2. Populate the required fields: Username, Email Address, and Password
  3. Select the desired Role
  4. Click the Create new account button

To Cancel an account:

  1. Click the Cancel account link in the list of users
  2. Select the desired option from the When cancelling the account list
  3. Click the Cancel account button

cancel account

CMS Help

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